Thursday, May 1, 2014

Make a statement!

Hello beautiful people! Today was day 1 of the Marvelous May Style Challenge. The challenge was to " make a statement." I decided to wear a muscle tank stating Faith>Fear and a white with black stripe pencil skirt. I really loved this look because the tank is the star. It's simple yet it does make a statement. I'm so excited for the Marvelous May Style Challenge. 30 more days and counting. I'm definitely up for the challenge! Are you in?
           Until next time .... ~xo Jess

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Confetti on the go .... Oceanic Maxi

Hello beautiful people! Today I started a mini impromptu series called "Confetti on the go" on my blog. Most of the time the pictures taken for blogging are kind of a "big" production. There may be several outfit changes for lookbooks or just hauling around film equipment.  It's actually a lot of fun because you get to watch your fashion sense come to life, however it can be quite time consuming. So this series will consist of quick post about looks that I have worn while being out and about. The look featured today is blue maxi that is super comfortable.  The pattern reminds me of the sea or an oceanic view. I added an orange belt to give a bit of color and gold accessories. This look can always be worn on the go because maxi's are complete outfits.  Whats your go to comfortable look?

         Until next time .... ~Jess

Monday, April 21, 2014

Are you up for a challenge?

Hello beautiful people! Lately I've been thinking a lot about challenges and commitment. These two go hand in hand because you can't do one without the other. For the past 3 months I've been evaluating how I deal with both. Let's just say that I have some major improving to do. If you too need a bit of encouragement to stay committed when facing challenges come along with me. Let's get to work!  I've already determined that there's a little thing called "fear" that can get the best of me sometimes. Fear kills creativity before you can speak it or apply it. There are three easy steps that I follow to help conquer fear.

Step 1. Believe in yourself. Sounds simple right? This very thing can hinder you from getting everything that you want out of life. Believe you can and you will. Be prepared to learn more about yourself and see what you are really capable of achieving.

Step 2. Be proactive and productive. The things that you want to achieve aren't going to achieve themselves.  Put your dreams to work! Begin to work hard and before you know you it, you've completed tasks that you may have doubted that you could achieve.

Step 3. Persevere! Don't let road blocks or speed bumps discourage you.
Stand firm and finish the challenge. Also don't get discouraged to try other challenges if one doesn't work out. In the end be fully committed to the challenge.

Most importantly smile, laugh, and have fun while going through experiences that challenge you. Don't be afraid to try again. So whether it's a squat challenge, blog challenge, or even challenges with work or school stay positive and committed. So what do you say, are you up for a challenge?
          Until next time ... ~xo Jess

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Friday, April 11, 2014


Hello beautiful people! Have you ever seen clothes in a magazine that you already have in your closet? It's such an exciting feeling because you just want to shout "I HAVE THAT!" Well this very thing happen to me last week during a road trip back home from Atlanta. I was reading the March issue of Vogue with Rihanna on the cover, when I came across a Target ad called "Get more out of minimalism." I realized that I owned the black structured skater style skirt and the blue, black, and white print pants that were featured. I styled both looks with my favorite black lace crop top and strappy black heels. I love minimalistic looks because its so clean and effortless. Do you love minimalism?

          Until next time ... ~xo Jess

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Fever

Hello beautiful people! It is officially spring and I couldn't be more excited.  Yesterday my blogger bff Maria and I decided to have an impromptu shoot in the park. Of course I picked out three dresses that screamed spring to me. These dresses are casual, comfortable, and super cute! What kind of outfits puts you in a springtime mood? Hope you all enjoy!
~xo Jess

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inspired Look : Take Me To Brazil

Welcome to Fashion Confetti!
Our first post was inspired by colorful Brazilian Fashion so we decided to take a trip to Brazil through our own wardrobe. We decided to make things festive and bright to escape Texas bi-polar weather. The colors red and yellow followed by chunky chains made the look pop and we were ready for Carnival.  

We hope you enjoyed our South American inspired look, and hope that it inspired you as well.
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Fashion Confetti